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The Program C2K Columbus

Cody Ballard

C2K Basketball Alumni

We have many young men from our C2K program participating at the collegiate level including

Grant Huffman (Davidson)

Desmond Watson (Davidson)

Justin Ahrens (Loyola Marymount, OSU)

Zeb Jackson (VCU, UofM)

Brad Colbert (Xavier)

Jalen Sullinger (Kent State)

Von Cameron Davis (Kent State)

Joey Holifield (Oakland Univ)

Caleb McConnell (Rutgers)

Chico Johnson (Drake)

Luka Eller (John Carroll)

Darius Quisenberry (Fordham, YSU)

Greg Johnson (Goshen)

Matt Allocco (Princeton)

Mike Bothwell (Furman)

Khalil Luster (University of Findlay)

Jaret Griffith (Ashland University)

We are very proud of our C2K alumnus, Brad Colbert (pictured).

Brad is a member of the Xavier Musketeer basketball program. 
Listen to Coach Sean Miller's comments on Brad Colbert from the February 26th episode of "The Sean Miller Show."
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